Simple want

I’ve never known a wrong so well as I know one right now. It feels like a smooth handle with a cold copper top.Sometimes it stings so right and feels like the bitter cold realization that you can’t turn back. You can’t undo what has been done as you rub your fingers together and look what you have done. The stain of life so bright that it turns the night into day as the fog fades away.Everything is so right again as the wrong deed that has been done begins to fade.And all that is left is the memory of pain and the want to feel it again.JC44.1@smokendust

5 thoughts on “Simple want

  1. Sounds like being addicted something that’s unpleasant, but, maybe, that, is the only way you feel that you’re alive…but eventually, if you keep on living your life like that, it’s gonna screw you over that’s for sure!


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