“All Asians Look Alike”

You guys don’t celebrate Chinese New Year?”

No! Because we aren’t Chinese!

No! Because my wife is Hmong and the Chinese ran her people out of their country. Seems odd to celebrate their holiday after that…

No! Because I’m Korean! Duh. Fuck!

No! Because we don’t all look alike and come from the same country. Racist asshole.

No! Because my kids are half Korean and half Hmong. NOT CHINESE!

The irony is… the assumption was made by another minority.

Fucking ignorant people.

-Opinionated Man



24 thoughts on ““All Asians Look Alike”

  1. Years ago, I was educating not Danish people in Denmark. I found out, that even some are very good to pick the card of racism, when something go wrong for them, many of them were more racist than usual people. This annoyed me a lot.
    What can you expect from not intelligent people to talk about, Jason??? Nothing intelligent…..


  2. Okay, you definitely do NOT all look alike. Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hmong, whatever, it doesn’t matter because that’s like saying every African person looks alike or everyone from England looks alike. Oh I hate that!
    On a positive note, I was asked to celebrate New Years yesterday too. 😀
    Stay sweet my friend!


  3. Oh.. I can understand🙃.. But it’s better to ignore such stupid people who cannot resist but interfere in other’s business, and don’t know even how to think before speaking😔.. I think all we need to do is to pity them.. Lol😅

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  4. I keep trying to tell people that not all Asians look alike. Nobody seems to listen. Plus, China isn’t the only country in Asia. There’s Russia, North and South Korea, Japan, India, etc. [Correct me if I’m wrong]…Sorry you had to go through that. Where I live everyone thinks all black people look alike…

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