This gsjydgejobhvsgiwgwv is making me unhappy. I’m turning into a stressed out, hunted, Korean fox with nowhere to run. And it snowed again. Fuck.

Maybe it is due to learning new things or it could possibly be due to the fact that on a daily basis I feel like I’m running around and being pulled into countless meetings. For a low salary. And always behind. I hate being behind, I’m not behind on things. But when it is outside your control then you are all behind. Ugh.

I may need to find something new. I already started looking. This shit is for the birds.




11 thoughts on “Personal

  1. well I hope it all works out, OM.
    and in my opinion, it seems like some jobs really aren’t worth the time – but keep in mind that you will never get what you are worth – so try not to think in terms of that; although of course salary matters on so many layers – especially if so low to where we cannot meet basics for family (leaves ongoing dissatisfaction, which pulls from intrinsic satisfaction). But toss out the gauge of getting what you are worth because we all know with your skills and online savviness you could have gone down a different path after the days you worked nights watching the red light. ha
    Instead – just problem solve where you are at and remind yourself that sometimes our “lot” in life hands us things that are unfair – this can be good things or bad things.
    and remember that if we are not careful – we will always view our circumstance with “relative deprivation”
    and our view changes – not saying this is the case with you
    but too often needs escalate and what once was the aim is yesterday’s soggy cereal.
    So sometimes the real gift is to find the contentment in the now – plan for needed change because it might be right and in order holistically – but bring every thought captive so that your daily contentment can find a little flow in spite of any negatives.
    and you have an amazing family and healthy daughters and lots of personal goals – and so as you problem solve – smile big right now for the gifts you have – and for the air in your lungs….


  2. Oh, my. You sound just like I did the second week on my last job. I won’t tell you it will get better, because it may or may not. My last job did not. I stuck it out for a year only because I was in the process of buying a house and needed to show a steady chain of employment. I sincerely hope your experience is better than mine was. Give it a little more time, but then start looking if you need to. No job is worth your health.

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  3. I am sorry life is shitty right now. But you have a job. The congress will soon make drastic cuts in Medicaid and social services. Imagine the fear of these single mom’s, and more so these innocent children. If I were religious I would bless you but I am an atheist, if there was a God 17 children wouldn’t have been slaughtered just 1 hour from my home while they attended school.


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