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Blind Gary

Jason: Fuck me. We are never doing that again.

Happiness: Who fills a room with a bunch of red buttons? That was horrifying!

Drunk: Were those dolls looking at us? Something touched me in that Tavern.

Annoyed: That was me. I was grabbing your hand so we could leave dude. That wasn’t supposed to be a real bar and you were drinking the props..

Drunk: I get thirsty when I have to think and no one warned me about having to escape from any rooms.

Jason: What! We talked about it! You, me, and cheerful over there, right before we walked into that room of terror!

Drunk: That sounds vaguely familiar, but you talk all the time so who knows right?

Angry: WOW, you sound like me. I’m taking notes, I like your attitude!

Jason: Someone shoot me. Anyways, the map says we are supposed to be looking for someone called Blind Gary. It can’t be The Gary can it? That fucker is everywhere!

Drunk: Who is Gary? Is that your imaginary friend you keep talking about…

guys he is doing it again… should we do the intervention now?

Angry: I dunno. We just escaped the jaws of death in that room… he may be in a fragile state.

Happiness: I can’t make decisions right now. I’m so unhappy…

To be continued…


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