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The Hidden Tavern

Drunk: What the hell is the hidden tavern and why can I see it? I like the word tavern for some reason…

Jason: It says on the guest map that this is the first stop in our Extraordinary Fantasy Journey. What’s this small print… oh, it is also an “escape room.” That’s some kinda trend entertainment these days where you try to escape from a room.

Angry: I don’t like the sound of that guys. Remember the last time that woman said “try to escape from my room” to us? That didn’t go so well and we barely did!

Happiness: That night still makes me unhappy.

Jason: You know if we had stayed home and drank Jack while playing Starcraft that night would have never happened… drunk…

Drunk: Don’t judge me.

Those atomic hurricanes would be nice now too, by the way.

Angry: So are we going into the death trap or what? This feels like a Korean movie.

Jason: Well I didn’t pay twenty dollars times fourteen for nothing. Come on…


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