Dry cups

There have been countless nights where I struggled with the idea of success. How to obtain it and “it” took different forms through my life.

Like those nights I would search endlessly for some online formula for online success. The graph paper and spreadsheets I created trying to crack the powerball code. Countless poker accounts chasing that next big pot. I never found success, but it taught me some things about life.

You’ll do a lot of silly things to pass time. Sometimes “waiting” is all it takes, sometimes. But there are situations where waiting doesn’t pay off and I learned that with blogging.

At least I learned that by my second account.

I’m still pushing myself to create a successful blog, but what does that even mean?

We all have goals though. Two million views sounds nice.




12 thoughts on “Dry cups

  1. Success is what you make of it. It doesnt have to be tangible or about where you have gone thru life. Or at least to me success is how satisfied at were your at and look forward to where you are going knowing the path is constantly changing…


  2. I love your blog and writing style. Success means something different to all of us. I haven’t posted on my blog in months so the stats are non-existent. But I can accept that. I took time off to finish my book which went live this week. Whether it does well remains to be seen. But regardless, I’ll take pride in the fact that I finished the book, and fulfilled my dream of publishing. 🙂


  3. I think, the problem of the definitions of success is way too materialistic, you shouldn’t define your success by how much you have to show for it, but instead, you should define success by the number of differences you’d made in your life.


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