The first and last Company Field Trip

Anger: I am so glad you organized this field trip for the group Jason. I hope I finally get to use this battle axe.

Jason: Watch where you swing that thing moron. I told you this was a fantasy “play” adventure. You can’t really kill anyone…

Anger: Stop ruining shit.

Hard work: I’m so glad I finally get to see what everyone is like outside of the box! This is going to be awesome! I brought my notebook in case we need to take any notes for our next trip which I am scheduling now.

Anger: Who invited this fucker? He makes me angry.

Happiness: Everything seems to make you angry brother. I brought my guitar to sooth the melodies of your soul!

Anger: Man… fuck! This trip is starting to suck.

Drunk: You know we passed several bars on the way here. I saw one advertising two for one atomic hurricanes. I dunno what the fuck that is, but it sounds delicious. I vote we go there for our adventure.

Jason: Like you don’t have your belt flask on you? You are useless…

Drunk: You know the first step in the program is to not be judged by your friends I think.

Anger: That isn’t a step turd bucket. God, how are we related again?

Jason: We should keep going. They said there might be some surprises along the trail… so one of you go first.

Anger: Flying true colors huh Mr. Fearless Leader. My ass!

To be continued…


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