Reasons Why People Follow You and Your Blog

1 – They are waiting for you to fail. Failure is so entertaining and even more so when the failee journalizes it for us! Fail away!

2 – You have a cute animal. Because animals are cute… until it dies. After the grieving period we don’t need your blog unless you get another one.

3 – You make awesome food and tempt us with photos of it! But then we go on a diet and we block your blog because you are just a visual temptation and we don’t need that.

4 – You are cute. But then your significant other sees your blog on your tablet or iPhone and asks, “who’s that honey?!?” You can only say “I dunno, some tennis player” so many times.

5 – You are funny. But then people get sad and your humor begins to irritate the fuck out of us. Fuck your happiness.

6 – You post a lot! That’s fun until it isn’t.

7 – You write amazing poetry! Beautiful lines that eat at our soul. But then something happened and you began to write in a coded language only you understand. That’s cool and all, but if I want to learn a coded language I’ll go become an elf.

8 – You pray! A ton! I’ll visit your blog on Sunday…

9 – I love your artwork and I find inspiration in your strokes.

10 – You tricked everyone into thinking you are running an official WordPress function by placing their name in your title.

-Opinionated Man


53 thoughts on “Reasons Why People Follow You and Your Blog

  1. You have some great information. I really do not know what I am doing but I wanted to get some of my thoughts, stories and visual humor out to be shared. You at least have a number of followers.

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  3. Hey Cush, you keep me rolling for sure! You are family that’s why I follow you silly. Your my funnies page without the price of paying for a newspaper… This is the pink pony speaking on my other platform check it out an let me know what you πŸ€”. Getting ready for our semi annual event for the nationally known β€œIntroduce a Girl to Engineering Day” in a week… check it out too at you will like it… Take care! #pinkleaderboard pink pony😁 and National STEM Society lead

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  5. Just in your honor, your Honor, I’m going to start Can you please help me set it up Meester Press Masta? You flipp’n crack me up dude πŸ‘Š

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  6. Uhhhhh, I don’t think I do much of any of this list unless it might be the failure one,,,,but I care less. Bring it on. Follow my blog for none or all of these,,,,as long as you’re kewl and like to travel or perhaps watch my adventure travel I’m good. But u know adventures are really travel and sporting emergencies that u handled on your own or your survived with family. Come see us-

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