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I think it sets a dangerous standard when you tell your kids “you can’t be racist because you are a minority and we are oppressed, but you can be prejudice I guess.”

True, you may be oppressed, but everyone can be racist and find someone to represent a minority to them in the moment. You are basically giving your kid a free pass in life in their mind that they can’t do an evil action we all can do and that’s wrong.

I had this conversation recently.




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  1. Racism is a disease in our world today!! I know I shall have to have the same conversation with my kid when she grows up and I dread it already !! How to explain it to a kid that just because of your color and demographic , you shall be treated differently in this big bad world.

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  2. Racists are something other people are. If you have strong political opinions based on your only carefully selected sio-economic-political bias then you are NOT racist, you are simply well-informed and making a political choice…..apparently.
    In fact there is nothing wrong with also hurling abuse at people for their religious beliefs, for being slightly to the right or left of you, for talking with a different accent, just so long as you have carefully selected on a sio-economic-political basis.
    Of course this isn’t hypocrisy either….
    The above are some of the reasons I gave up on ‘forums’ and Facebook. It wasn’t so much the obvious ring-wing extremists, it was my apparent fellows on the UK Far Left….so I moved farther Left.

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  3. I am white European (born in the UK). Being visually impaired I pay a young woman to read my mail and help with paperwork from time to time. She happens to be black British. She has told me how, on several occasions black men have intimated that she should not be dating white men (most of her partners have been white). Who she dates is, obviously purely a matter for her and its not for anyone else (whatever their skin tone) to tell her who she should (or should not) be dating. Anyone who does this (irrespective of the colour of their skin) is guilty (consciously or subvconsciously) of racism. So, yes anyone can be racist irrespective of the colour of their skin. Kevin (

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  4. Everyone is a minority, if you do the right demographics. We, for example, are orthodox in a country where the majority want it to go back to protestantism. My protestant colleagues don’t understand why I don’t want to go back to the “good old days”. First company I worked at, professionally, had a protestant glass ceiling, entry level was about the best I could hope for (next level up was management).

    I remember one year when the president handed out bibles as the Christmas present. I looked at it and asked where the missing books were? Guy next to me asked (whispering) if I wanted his extra books, he was Jewish.

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