The Rundown

What have I been up to…

So I wear two hats at work, which really isn’t as cool as it sounds. It sounds like your neck breaking under the pressure of obligation and RESPONSIBILITY.

It sucks.

But we do what we gotta do right? We grow up, we chase that elusive dollar, and we give up childhood dreams and take on the mantle of adulthood.

It takes a lot of…

and that was a Christmas gift! It is all gone… sorry Linda!

So, Work…. and it deserves the capital, that’s been keeping me from blogging.

That and…

Be easy WP. I won’t post as much this year, but I’m around. But that’s life.

I’ve been reading silently, just like other readers read. Keep posting, keep caring. You never know who is reading your words for encouragement.




23 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. I hope someday you will find the strength to pursuit your true passion. Money, well I do believe it adds to happiness, but it may never become more importantly, than overall happiness 😉


  2. Its refreshing to know that the almighty Opinionated Man has to balance work and blogging, just like the rest of us. Fun, ain’t it, Jason? But as you say, we all gotta do what we gotta do, and those bills gotta be paid somehow. Personally, I’ll be coming out of “retirement” and going back to work, too, so my blogging will probably suffer even more than it has over the last year or so. Good luck to both of us!


  3. Good to hear from you. I know all about those “hats”. At my house we are trying to retire, but the call of that dollar keeps pulling us back in. Don’t know when I last blogged. I do miss it and maybe soon. I wish your work didn’t suck. Hang in there!


  4. I heard an interesting article today, about having a satisfying life. The object is to create a list (not a bucket list) of things you would like to do over the next 25-30 years. Real, doable things. An example was to visit Alaska, but not climb Denali (unless you are an accomplished climber), attending X out of y of your kids sporting events, even just paying your house (or car) off. No timeline, just a list of 5-10 things. As you do them you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Don’t add to the list until it’s done, then create a new list, finishing the list makes you really feel good.

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