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I’m not dead

I am just really busy. I’ll post soon…

I know you miss me Gary… settle down. It is embarrassing.


But really stop planning the “he is gone posts.” I’m never gone WP.





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  1. You are hilarious! I need your post.. They give me life through laughter… Your my saving grace on WordPress as I continue my cancer treatment for a blood disorder that is trying to kill me. LOL! I can’t believe, I’m laughing about this. Can you believe this shit… I’m sharing my truth… Honestly… So please continue to post… I need it.

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  2. Dang! Sonofabeach96, I told you we had to make a quick move… Now that OM is back, there is no way we’ll succeed in taking over “Harsh Reality”…. Ughhh! There goes another dream, gone with the wind! LOL

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