This isn’t how you blog

Haven’t had much time to read people’s posts.

Haven’t reblogged in a long time.

I’ve been missing comments.

I barely have time to post a thought.

This isn’t how you blog.

Hopefully things will settle with my new work schedule.

-Opinionated Man


26 thoughts on “This isn’t how you blog

  1. I so know what you mean. Read other blogs is connected to making own posts on the blog, but it is hard to find the time for all that in the same time when time is limited. That so called real life is very time consuming sometimes.


  2. Before I read the whole thing, I swear to God I thought you were perhaps going to dig on bloggers like me who are not always as on top of it all as you are. I feel better in sharing some of that misery of not being a perfect blogger. For those of you like me who work full time,,,,have kids, relationships and still WANT to blog,,,,my hat is off to you. I have all this too,,,,but still want to reach out and blog the best I can and I still have LOTS of things I want to say, write and share-

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