I deal with the depressed Mes as they show up. I find smiles between the need to smile and sometimes I wake up to life with a frown. And that’s life I’ve found.

I struggle with the want everyday. Most of the days I fail. Depression comes with the rising sun and the realization that you never won. You just thought you did.



16 thoughts on “Depression

  1. As long as you are still fighting you have won. When I wake up and I don’t have any aches or pains I just want to lie there in the quiet and not move that isn’t depression in itself but the fact I don’t want to get up and face anything is on the way to depression. As long as we get up and try we are winning.

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  2. We are joined in commonality.
    Unfortunately, there is no miracle pill or magic wand
    To stop the unreality.
    Just know what is real for you, what is not; your bond
    With yourself and no one else
    For each of us is different.
    We must accept only the soul, the self
    Of our individuality; our temperament
    In all its facets, layers, and phases
    Extends to all assembled here, in this place and time.
    Our energies combine so we can raise
    Awareness, support, empathy, in hearts that bind,
    And show an uncluttered path to clear the mind.
    Peace, Deborah

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  3. That is how depression is, you have some good days, and you have some awful ones, and, it’s very difficult when you’re experiencing it, and, sometimes, the best thing you can do, is to break down and cry hard, and you’ll feel a lot better afterwards, that always worked for me…

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  4. When it strikes, there is no warning, no buildup, no progression …
    It’s simply THERE
    With no rational or irrational regression.
    It’s ALL encompassing like the air.
    No place to go; nowhere to hide …
    No rhyme or reason; no concept of time.
    How long will it last? How will we know
    When THIS episode will pass or will it grow
    To the point of no return?
    THAT is our greatest fear
    As we try to cling to all we hold dear.
    What is this session, lesson, succession?
    That which we cannot predict or control?
    It’s all we are; all we have been; our life’s major role …

    I hope you don’t mind, but your words touched me deeply. I guess I’m an empath, feeling all you feel. When that happens, the words just come … from where, I do not know. I mean no disrespect. I truly want to share, and let you know i understand and care.–Deborah


  5. So, so real. And I couldnt help but be reminded of the lyrics in Conor Oberst’s song, A Line Allows Progress, A Circle Does Not

    “As you try to find some source of light,
    try to name one thing you like.
    You used to have such a longer list,
    and light you never had to look for it.
    But now it’s so easy to
    second guess everything you do.
    Until all you want is to
    finish this half empty glass
    before the ice all melts away.
    This feeling always used to pass.
    Seems like it’s every day.
    Seems like it’s every night now.”

    Hang in there, buddy.

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