We share our lives by the minute. And often we don’t give a second thought as our fingers moves with our thoughts through the day. Some post for money and fame. I post for my own gain.

I find myself sharing the everyday day. What I eat, the vacation I’m on.

My blog becomes the journal of my life. As blogging should be.





32 months of prison for letting your 3 year old son freeze to death on your porch while you slept nice and warm in bed on a drug binge. I hope you are haunted by the images of his fingerprints on that door trying to get in. The image haunts me.

I have a special place in my heart for abandoned children in this scenario.

Rot in hell lady.




The rundown

So we got up early, which didn’t matter since I didn’t sleep. I don’t sleep well in hotels or motels or if I think something with a tail might run by…

Somewhere between Denver and San Diego, I got sick. My sinuses are killing me and I was pretty sure my eardrum was about to explode before we landed. I didn’t complain though because I have my blog for that.

We went to La Jolla, which by the way isn’t the same J as in Jason. My wife rolls her eyes a lot at me lately.

We hit the beach and I was surprised there weren’t more people. As most of you know I normally vacation in Florida so this is a bit of an experience for me.

Some really big waves! Scary big here, I won’t be going out there. You won’t see me on the news for getting eaten by a shark either. I’ll let Gary get eaten instead.

Today we went whale watching and we did see one Whale! Unfortunately by the time we saw it my phone had died. I saw some dolphins though, but I see those in Florida.

I love boats. I may change this blog to one chronicling the adventures of Captain Cush.

The places we would see.

I hear it is snowing in Denver. We wouldn’t see that.

-Opinionated Man