Health Update

I haven’t been able to fight crime because of my hurt neck. I also called in sick to ninja class.

We bought a massager from Brookstone and it is shocking how soothing that vibrating motion is. For the price of this thing I expected someone to pop out of the box and give me an actual massage…

I feel like my neck is on the mend and I’m starting to blame my pillow for this whole mess. There’s an inspection tag on it and guess what employee name I see…

-Opinionated Man


13 thoughts on “Health Update

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  2. you poor, poor thing… superheroes should never be in so much pain, nor should they have to pay an extravagant amount for a massager. The absurdities of this world never cease to surprise and sicken me. lol.
    I hope it wasn’t one of those “my pillows”. not your pillow not my pillow, but “my pillow”. 🙂


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