17 thoughts on “Life

  1. No one looks at each other anymore. They spend all of their time staring into their phones or tablets, they don’t want to make a connection to anyone. They don’t want anyone stealing their personal space. It is sad. But it is a part of the electronic life.

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  2. I feel like this is a metaphor for something greater in life (analyzing from the title) but then I wonder if I’m just overthinking this piece. But hey, at least it’s making me think something! 🙂

    This is me anywhere. I just despise looking at faces (besides my own- oh narcissism!), I think it’s a form of paranoia because I also often see faces in objects. I despise people and yet I see them everywhere- hurray for me!

    If this post is a metaphor, I can only imagine it’s referring to looking life in the eye- to not avoid conflict, or look elsewhere from the problem at hand.

    Either way, wonderful post as always~

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