I don’t tie myself to any policy on post size. Most of what I post are bite size pieces of me. I love the freedom of being able to post whatever type of content I want on WordPress and restrictions on other sites frustrate me. That is probably why I only use WordPress as my primary platform for now.

I see you all sharing sides of yourself you may not share with the world. The courage to show the sides of you that you might not always be proud of.

Do we fear the spoken word more than the written?

Write and find out.

I do daily. To push ourselves and find ourselves at the same time. I put current and past thoughts to rest with the pressing of a key. It helps me to know that I’ve finally posted about that and can move on.

I tuck those thoughts away in categories only I can save. And each day I write another part of me that becomes this blog.




23 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. I think people fear the written word more than spoken ones. Because once written words are out there they willl float around forever and sometimes circle back around to bite you in the ass. But it is a place to at least try to get our feelings out there.


  2. I completely agree! I love the freedom that comes with blogging on here, your blog is whatever you want it to be, short and sweet, long and detailed – it’s your choice! I love it


  3. Good post, Jason. I still haven’t quite figured out why I blog. Some days, its cathartic; other days, its just fun. But all days, its a way to connect with other people – many of whom have become friends. I would miss that if I ever stopped blogging completely.

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