Remembering our dead

I know that feeling and you describe it clearly. I wish you the best! -OM
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The month of November we do a lot of things, men grow a beard to support cancer.  It’s national Adoption month and we mourn and celebrate our dead!

Growing up Catholic after Halloween was All Saint’s day and All Souls day, both of these having to do with the remembering of our dearly departed that had left earlier in the year.  Everyone would pray for their souls to Heaven.

This year, I was in that same situation today with praying for my mom’s soul to go to Heaven. A rite of passage, if you must say it, thinking of my mom. I wish sometimes the hurt and pain can be gone. Just like a tear you wipe away, but no matter how deep the pain, you can’t move it away in a matter of mere months.

I will continue to carry on and go through my grieving process one step…

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