Random Fun Ideas

1 – Beating people at games is always fun. Going to Gamestop or Target and beating all the kids on the free game consoles is just rewarding.

2 – See how long they keep the Chinese buffet “all you can eat” for you.

3 – Give your significant other gifts that you really want. That’s always fun.

4 – For Halloween next year do like I did and hand out math worksheets instead. Fun! Only had ten doorbell rings that night. I wonder if the word got out on the street.

5 – Take a snow day in June. If you live in Denver it may work!

6 – Tell your boss you just reached a level 53 knighthood and deserve a raise. Now!

7 – Play catch with your Peyton Manning fathead. Yes, I do.



14 thoughts on “Random Fun Ideas

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  2. In regards to #4: this year I actually bought candy to hand out, but since I’m in a small town staying at a temporary air bnb rental that I know I’ll probably never visit again, I just turned off the lights and binge watched stranger things and ate all the candy while simultaneously ignoring every single knock on the door. I am officially the Scrooge of Halloween, but I regret nothing.

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  3. Or stand in a public restroom, and wash your hands for a prolonged period of time – you will guilt all the other bathroom attendees into washing their hands for just as long (this works in the Women’s bathroom – I don’t know if it would in the Men’s bathroom), because they don’t want to seem like the are poor, cursory hand washers.

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