A Day For Ice Cream

Your photos write the story themselves, but your added words give it that much more. Great post as always. -OM
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This splendidly spring-like day was conducive to more autumn tidying in the garden, after which we went for a drive in the forest.

Pauls Lane

We hadn’t been down Pauls Lane before. We hoped we wouldn’t meet anyone approaching from the opposite direction.

Horses in field 1Horses in field 2

From a little further on we noticed that, despite the temperature in the teens, all the horses in a field were wearing their winter rugs. There was just room, on a bend, for Jackie to squeeze the Modus onto a bend for me to take these photographs.

Ponies 1

Ponies sheltered under the trees outside the entrance to Settorn’s Caravan and Camping site.

Pony 1

One must have trampled on


this group of toadstools.

Traffic jam 1Traffic jam 2

Burley was so congested with traffic that we struggled to find a spot in the car park.

Tattooed man in group

The families of visitors made us realise that it was half-term.

Witch pumpkin

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  1. Derrick I am not sure how to get wordpress not to share so many of your photos! I want people to visit your site of course. Your blog is one of the few this does it to when I reblog, but I removed the photos – can’t alter code. sorry!


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