I just plucked a nose hair and my eyes are watering a little bit.

Maybe I can’t take pain.

I wouldn’t use those tweezers for your eyebrows anymore.


Hair is hair…

-Opinionated Man

26 thoughts on “Daily

  1. Nasal hairs and ear hairs drive me shit-fuckin’ crazy.
    It seems like every couple weeks or so I have to practically “rip” and “tear” out a few here-and-there. They just keep “growing back all the time” constantly.
    Definitely one of the low points of being an aging human male.

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    • Get one of those doo-hickies with the light on it that they advertise on TV that’s supposed to be able to rid you of ear, nose and chest hair with no pain. The name escapes me but it’s for both men and women.


        • Are you talking about Luma-Tweeze?
          Those infomercisals?

          I tried those ear-and-nose trimmers, but gave up on them due to the fact they run on batteries and don’t have AC adapters. The batteries run out after the first or second use, and when one runs motorized devices on low battery the motor “burns out” and continues straining, even when new batteries are inserted.
          So, forget them.

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  2. Wuss! Now, I feel like this would be a good timing to finally attack you full blast with the terrible sissy-French-Ninja threat I warned you about some time ago. But, uh… I don’t remember what I was supposed to threaten you to get… Ugh, I hate it when my memory fails me like that… Was I suppose to demand you like anything I posted? Or order you to re-blog any of my shenanigans? Hmmm… I guess it’ll have to wait. The threat is still pending, but stay on your toes, I haven’t quite forgotten!! Mouahahahahahahaha (that’s an evil laugh… yeah, mehh, I don’t sount that evilish, but you get it!)

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