I should hide my money in this thing. I can’t get the damn top off! Is this a child proof top? I press and twist and press and twist. Nothing! Argh!

25 thoughts on “Daily

  1. 😂😂😂😂😂 when I was working there was a bottle I could never open . It’s the Oxycodone bottle . Since the doctors don’t like giving the kiddies the whole 250ml of it we had to pour it out into 50ml bottles and it gets me every time . Drives me nannas just couldn’t open them. It didn’t matter that I lined up the arrows or pressed down it just didn’t budge.

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  2. Um my blond eyes remind me of isle of capri’s men’s john where the stainless inset trash cans are flush with the wall… thus you can only see! Where they are!? Just a space removed from the sinks… oh? Whack a cane tip against them because some thoughtful blank! Hole thought to hide stlylish-like the needful and its going to resound! Now remember I have came carrying pals and they’re not going to see! So I point the evil out… point being I will yours shortly… and my snotty sighted friend asks the air where oh where is the Effie trash?! Wham! Goes my blind friend against the wall so all stainless resounds! There! As everyone laughs the other out of town! ( hint). Pinch and twist sir.

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