Picture Battle – OM vs Cyra (The Kit Kat incident)

Holy crap! $1.75!!!! That’s an expensive kit kat! No sharing…
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Cyranny's cove

I thought I was cured.

I honestly thought so… After the bi-weekly counseling, the group meetings, the pills and the half dozen rubber bands on my wrist, I thought I was getting free from it. Free from him… OM.

I had tried my best not to visit his blog too often, and more specifically not click on any of those Daily Denver posts…

In vain.

I fell… I failed. Again!

I thought one click wouldn’t matter. I thought I could just look, maybe leave a comment or a “like”, and close the window… No one harmed.

If only. But nooooo….

I should have known I was still too fragile to risk it, but I clicked here.

I was doomed.

I looked in my coin purse and checked if I had enough money left to succumb to a good Picture Battle…


I’m far from rich, but I could afford a…

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