I Think My Daughter Is Planning A Great Escape…

They are definitely ALL plotting something! -OM
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My daughter is going through a phase. It’s just the age, people tell me. She’ll grow out of it. Thing is, I’m not so sure it is just a phase. I think it’s all part of a much grander, devious scheme. You’d think I’m talking about some evil, megalomaniac genius here with what I’m about to say. And too that I’d say ‘Oh, so you’ve met my daughter then?’.

So what’s the phase: collecting small-to-medium sized stones, filling her pockets with them and then ‘redistributing’ them in useful areas such as car seats, cups, your pockets and in bed (s). What I think her actual plan is: to dig a tunnel with her fellow nursery pupils so that they can escape from nursery when they want.

This occurred to me the other day, after I’d collected her from her maternelle (the French name for nursery) and had picked up her…

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