“New” doesn’t mean “good”

5:04 and I just puked my brains out. Was it the “new” crab cakes that Outback Steakhouse in Denver Colorado… yep, Colorado.

That might have been my first mistake, ordering crab cakes in Colorado. But I love crab cakes and when you put a giant “NEW!!!” by it on the menu… I can’t resist!

I wish I hadn’t ordered them…


22 thoughts on ““New” doesn’t mean “good”

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  2. I make my own crab cakes and other seafood dishes at home. The only time I eat seafood in a restaurant is when I want to slurp some oysters on the half-shell.

    Getting crab cakes from a franchise “steak house,” especially if you don’t live on the coast, is asking for trouble.

    Hope you’re feeling better by now!



  3. Oh dear. May be you should make your own crab cakes. I’m still fiddling around with my recipe 😂 next time I think I’ll use fresh crabs. No pain no gain. Frozen crab meat is just not the same.


  4. I spent most of my life near fresh seafood on the east coast of USA – now I’m in “The Middle” – AKA Missouri and I just won’t buy seafood unless it’s at a Red Lobster- LOL. I just can’t bring myself to do it. But now I want crab cakes – NO – yes – NO. I hope you feel better soon.


  5. Thanks for the warning Jason, something I would have ordered also.

    Have you seen this at Mondo Vino, 3601 West 32nd Avenue?

    New Japanese Whisky Offerings

    This week finds two new brands of Japanese Whisky finding their way into Mondo Vino, Fukano Whisky and Kurayoshi Malt from Matsui Whisky. Fukano is oak-aged shochu, a spirit made from distilled rice. Certainly a unique Japanese spirit! The Kurayoshi Malts from Matsui Shuzou come in a variety of age statements and their soft style is sure to please a variety of whisky lovers. These have come into the state in limited quantities, so act quick!

    12yr Single Cask ($95) – Matured in new oak barrels, this special release will remind you of wheated bourbon from the 1970’s. Only 8 Casks were bottled for the 2017 release.
    Sherry Cask ($95) – The first ever release from Fukano that has been fully matured in Sherry Casks.

    Kurayoshi Malt ($65) – This pure malt whisky has been aged for more than 3 years in ex-bourbon barrels. It has a soft malt aroma that is fragrant and refreshing. The flavor is raisins, nuts and vanilla.
    Kurayoshi 8yr Malt ($80) – This whisky is aged for over 8 years in ex-bourbon barrels. Vanilla and nuts dominate with a very pleasant and soft mouth feel.
    Kurayoshi 12yr Malt ($95) – Similar flavor profile to the younger expressions, including almond and more raisin, with exceptional balance and a slight smokey finish.
    Kurayoshi 18r Malt ($235) – The gem of the lot and only one bottle available. Much more expressive without being overpowering. Honey and spice add a more complex layer to the nuttiness and vanilla.


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