Today we sacrificed a pig, killed some potatoes with a knife, and guillotined some corn for a nice oven steam pot broil!

By “we” I mean I did…

Company coming over… I need help cleaning. Volunteers?

Sorry for the missed comments this week. I’ll catch up. It’s been a long one and this next week will be even longer. But at least we have today. And I got beer.

Throwing up some decorations for a party we are having.

None of you are invited…

this is awkward now…




30 thoughts on “Cooking

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  2. Looks like a fine feast. To make it better, just chuck out the Johnsonville-brand processed ‘meat’ and toss in some Dungeness crab or some lobster – much more healthy and far more delicious.

    If I’m not invited to eat, then I’m certainly not going to offer to help clean! ROFL


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