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A thought on Leadership –

I have had a lot of time recently to think on leadership and what it means to be a leader. I was joking with my brother in law the other day and I said some old war hat must have created the corporate system because the structure you find in the corporate world really mirrors the military. It is almost a caste system, and yes I realize how oppressive a caste system can be, but isn’t that what corporate America does when they don’t promote internal growth? I wonder why I am thinking about growth right now.

I don’t “follow” very easily. I take guidance well. I hate stupidity. I hate wasting my time. I love process improvement. I hate wasting my time.

These are some reasons I love leadership and the ability it gives you to really chart your own course. If I am going to fail in life let me fail because I fucked up. Not because Gary fucked up.

As I’ve risen in the ladder, actually I only went up one level so technically I’m not rising… I made a bump, I see what these people do daily. My place loves meetings. Weekly meetings, monthly meetings, meetings every third moon. It is awesome. How are you supposed to lead when you are in meetings all the time? How do you manage people when you are planning how to manage them instead… all the time? It is highly ineffective.

I wish I could find a leadership position where I wasn’t on the front line anymore. I’ve learned that the General shouldn’t run out in front of his army, charging and leading the way downhill because he’ll get shot first. And then they’ll promote some snappy green lieutenant to take his place charging down the hill. I know it may sound like I am rambling here. I am.

I’ve gotten to the point where I say “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” a few times a day. I build that stress up and then carry it home from work. All I want is a scotch when I get home… I don’t care about food. All while I wait for a pigeon.

Sprinkler Blowing –

Apparently sprinkler blowing doubled in price around here. I don’t even really own a yard… it is more like a splotch in front of my house. I’d go out there and try to blow the pipes out myself… but I don’t have a tank and it is probably a bad idea to give me access to a large compression device. I’ve been known to do some stupid shit. I am pretty smart, but I can be really house dumb. It reminds me of the time, we had just moved into our first new home, and I decided to do some home improvements for my wife while she was at work. I learned that day that you can’t just drill a hole and place a normal door handle onto a sliding door and expect it to lock. It still slides…

I think I am going to go take a walk.





23 thoughts on “A Very Random Post

  1. Management positions tend to suck. That’s why I refused every management offer at every office I worked in. I knew that I wouldn’t get the proper support or assistance that is necessary for an effective manager. Managers need a team as well, after all.

    I agree with your assessment that too many meetings aren’t conducive to good business. From experience they’re not indicative of a good leader / manager, either. If anything, a crappy manager tends to have more meetings than an effective one!


  2. I’ve been down this road. If I had played politics and kissed the right butts, I would have been in a leadership position at my company much sooner than I was. When I did reach the level of CIO, it was one of those ‘be careful what you wish for’ moments. I hated it. the other executives were like toddlers that would bump into the wall if someone didn’t course correct them. That’s why I went back to consulting. I can point out problems and help fix them but they aren’t MY problems.


  3. Walks are good, Jason! Clears the mind! Work is work anywhere! The leadership lines the same where policy rules. Think of benefits, paycheck, work hours then decide if It’s worth it. Even a bump up the ladder is good. Someone sees your talent. Hang in there! 🍁🍂 Christine


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  6. This right here is classic “I know it may sound like I am rambling here. I am.”
    Ineffective management is the name of the game in corporate America. And designed by an old war hat is almost a given. You are not alone as it’s WTF world.
    My current bookmark says Be a Leader! Everyone can be a leader, even if you only lead yourself. What a crock! lol :).

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  7. Lol I’m a hands on person. Tell me what to do and I’ll help you but I’d also give you a piece of my mind if I don’t think it’s doable. I hate meetings . Can’t stand them and I was never made for the corporate world.

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  8. Managers are rarely leaders, but leaders always have to have management and leadership qualities

    Perhaps having to say “WTF” several times per day is a sign to apply your talents elsewhere or get promoted to a place to be able to make those changes. I’m retiring next year cause I’m in the same frame of mind!

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  9. Hmm. System won’t let me “like” you, probably the system update last night. Consider yourself liked.

    There are good things to be said about being the one in charge (unless your the first dog…), but there are bad things as well. If you’re at the bottom of the heap your troubles disappear when you pull out of the parking lot, no one calls you at 2am to fix a problem.

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