Growing up

When I was a kid I auditioned and got a part in the play Peter Pan at the Theatre on the Square in Midtown M town. That theater doesn’t exist anymore, but my memories of never wanting to grow up are cherished and locked away in my glass house for eternity.

I’m having to grow up this year. Peter Pan was a fucking liar.

He said if I believed I wouldn’t grow older. Well I’m 36 and I feel 80. And I can’t fly anymore. Lying ass flying happy go let me rub my never grow old butt in your face Peter.

I interviewed for three jobs last week and I’ve held my breath since then waiting to hear the news. This may be a Guinness book of world records for breath holding by the way. I’ve been distracting myself by blogging a ton while I wait for word back, so if you notice misspelling or grammatical errors, run on sentences or really badly created lines that should have ended long ago, and have too many commas, I blame the lack of oxygen to my brain, or something.

One of the positions is for a director of IT operations and what I’ve come to figure out is where I want to be when I grow up. I can’t blog forever.

I have decided to write and sell a poetry book at some point. It’s been a goal of mine so we’ll see.

One thing at a time.

Jason Chandler Cushman

-Opinionated Man



Sneak peak of my Halloween costume this year…

22 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. I finally blacked out last week after holding my breath for two weeks on a prospective job. Just when I was about to go under, I got the rejection email. Thankfully I’m still breathing though #needajob


  2. Good luck. I’m thinking about going for one. Just a casual reliever. I need the brains stimulation bad . Money might come in handy too though it means I can’t go wandering much . Hmmm not sure it’s a good compromise 😩


  3. Where has the blaming-Gary gone? And how can you blame the lack of something? You can’t blame void, can you? Don’t make me think, please! I am not used to it… Ow. My head hurts now… Get the Dang job please!


  4. You can remain a kid through your children, but they need an adult for a parent. I’m saying some prayers for you that you get the job of your dreams. It is a rough world out there.

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