Disable Email Notification

I share a lot of posts and I post a ton. It sends lots of email traffic out that annoys people like Gary. You can disable email notification from a specific blog in a couple of ways, but the easiest way to do it is from the email itself. Click at the bottom where it says unsubscribe from email or something like that. That link from WordPress takes you to where you can adjust the email settings from the WordPress dashboard. This allows you to stop getting massive amounts of emails from specific bloggers (e.g. HarsH ReaLiTy), but you’ll still get notices from those bloggers you like and show as subscribed to them.

I encourage everyone to unsubscribe from my blog.

Wait. I mean disable email notification…

Never mind…



22 thoughts on “Disable Email Notification

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  2. I mean if you say so but I be honest, getting an email telling me that OM liked a post or comment makes me feel special. Plus my friend and I like to count how many times repeats happen from you. I earned $20 so, 😛

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  3. Yeah, you do post a lot. That’s good, though, because you have a lot to talk about. I read most of your posts, I think, although I am not 200% sure. Sometimes I forget to click the “like” button to show you I am at least here in some way. I have a lot of “other” posts to catch up on of other bloggers and a lot of work to do on my own blog. Many bloggers don’t post often, so when they do, I think it is important to read what they post. Keep or get them motivated. Keep up the good work!!!

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