Blogging – Can I Make You Click It?

“How do I make people click my posts, my images, my reblog, my book link, my… anything?”

This is the number one question asked by social media users and if you figure out the answer then you have a head start on the game! The problem of how to get people to actually click something, really physically place their mouse on it and press the left mouse clicker, that’s the mystery most people want to solve. I get asked this question repeatedly by authors, bloggers, and people trying to share things and wondering how to get people to care!

Starting with the platform first is always a good rule of thumb. Building a platform and getting people to care about what you care about is the trick. It doesn’t happen overnight and even after establishing yourself it is so hard to get people to click a secondary link… particularly if they’ve already clicked once or twice to land on your page. What would motivate them to click a third time to another site?

You have to provide a reason for wanting them to go there. For instance, I reblog a lot and when I do I will leave a small comment as to why I’m sharing the post. I think people also need to recognize the fact that there has to be some balance… I can’t sit here and ask everyone to care about every problem in the world. That’s overwhelming and quite frankly annoying!

People that constantly reblog all the time will see their readership wane and lose interest. If you mix it up you still have to work hard at creating the presentation of a mix, or you turn people off. There is no perfect formula for this. You have to feel it as you go.

Not everyone will click a link and you can’t force them to. That’s the most frustrating part isn’t it? If only we could, everyone would be a social media star then!

-Opinionated Man


6 thoughts on “Blogging – Can I Make You Click It?

  1. I’m all about mixing it up myself. I like to ably represent my own blog posts, but also enjoy reblogging posts that make my heart skip a beat. I do it because I believe my readers might just enjoy a post they may not otherwise see, much less read. Since I tend to blog hop well away from my own genre, I hope I’m getting more well rounded this way, and maybe encouraging others to do the same. At the end of the day however, I’m happy to be clicking or getting clicked. Consistency don’t help a lot.

    I enjoy being a blogger, just for the sake of putting my “sparky” thoughts down, and seeing who cares. No tears if they don’t, but a chuckle/head nod/wink/finger snap here and there when they do. Same on Facebook. Same on Twitter and Instagram. Just because is still top priority for me!!!

    How you doin’?!

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  2. “People that constantly reblog all the time will see their readership wane and lose interest. If you mix it up you still have to work hard at creating the presentation of a mix, or you turn people off.”

    There are some blogs out there which are nothing but reblogs. They seem to contain no original content, meaning nothing written by whomever is running the blog in question. It amazes me that they are popular, especially with the repetitive reblogging of articles which have already been reblogged on five other reblogging sites. Talk about overkill!

    I think that I’ve found the mix that works for me. More original content and less reblogging, unless there is a spectacular post I happen across which demands a reblog. Also, I’m just as likely to reblog some of my older posts. There are some great ones in my archives which were missed by readers the first time around…just sayin’.


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  3. I clicked but then again I’m easy that way. LOL Seriously, I usually don’t reblog except when I notice I have posted anything in more than a week. If I like a blog, I usually put it on my Twitter feed and follow them there if they have a Twitter link to follow. It keeps my blog mostly me, and gives them another outlet. What do you think?


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