The Adventure of Publishing an Essay

Congrats on being published and sharing the experience! That is awesome! -OM
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Memoir Of A Writer

This realm is full of unspoken rules.
Things you should just know.

My first attempt at getting an article published was an experience I needed. This is how it happened:

The pitch. Also known as, selling yourself and your work in a way that makes someone who doesn’t care about you read something you wrote. Truth be told I find this the hardest part. It would  be so much easier if they would just read it.

I pitched an article I wrote about my brother’s custom boot business to an online magazine, and they loved it…the pitch that is.

Somehow I was lucky enough that because they loved my pitch so much, they gave me the chance to edit my essay. The original wasn’t quite what they wanted.

I edited. I sent it back.

Cue the month long wait to hear back. As a student, I was never…

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