I Commit to You my Follwers

I’ve never been called a Master before! Thanks for the shout out! -OM
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Hook and Sew by Liza

I have notice that my blog is’nt as active as I would like it to be. I want this blog to focus more on my buisness growth and to basically show and tell on the projects I have made. Not finishing my projects in a quickly as some more experience crocheters I can’t post multiply times a week as I’ll like. Keeping my blog true to what I originally intended it to be is harder than I thought but not impossible. I had a different blog a while back and I followed the teachings of what I consider the master of the blog worldA Opinionated Man. Following his techniques I managed to get a nice following and interactive blog.

I have not been doing that in this case. My past blog was more of writing, opinions and thoughts. This blog as I previously stated want it to be…

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