My Blog Got Reviewed… #Failed

Isn’t that what is fun about the blogosphere?

You review some blogs… and someone reviews you back! I’ve always enjoyed the honesty that bloggers employ towards one another. You gotta be able to accept criticism.

I’ll admit that I don’t take criticism very well.

Not in real life, not on my blog… definitely not to my face. It puts me in fightback mode!

I got a smile from this review today though. I needed a grin after this week!

It is a fair statement. I told people their fonts were hard to read and someone handed the comment right back to me. In the blogosphere you get what you give. It doesn’t matter who you are, what website you run, how many subscribers you have, or how important you think you are. We are all bloggers here and we all blog.

How do you accept criticism?

Thanks to Scott for the shoutout! –

-Opinionated Man


46 thoughts on “My Blog Got Reviewed… #Failed

  1. Wow, OM, this turned into quite a conversation!

    I would add one small caveat to the original criticism now that I see what this has become: context matters too. If your blog is “dark”, then by all means, do what suits your brand.

    I used to develop websites for a well known “heavy metal” methylated spirit – and white text on black was quite acceptable, if not preferred. That said, I stand by it being easier to read dark text on a white background.

    As I’ve grown older, reading restaurant menus has almost become a full contact sport – the designers often use super small, frilly typefaces, low-contrast colors. In a dark restaurant, I’m scrambling for the Mag Light app to order my pasta…

    As for accepting criticism, your response was spot-on. Listen to your users first, not the Wednesday Morning Quarterback Blogger. 🙂

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  2. I don’t find it hard to read white on black. I have a blog with a black background. Since some said it was harder to read, I made my new blog with a white background. I think the old one looks 100% better. But I’ll keep both blogs going for now.

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  3. I did a double take. Not sure if this was really your blog ??? The black on white might be a bit easier to read, but I think I miss your old format…it was unique.

    The older you get, the less you care about criticism of any kind. Trust me on that.

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  4. I don’t find it hard to read but I guess some might. I did finally change mine after more than one had trouble with white on black. But I do miss the black.

    When I was new on WP you said in a post something about not reading blogs that moderate their comments. I did change mine at the time and I’m glad I did because I really get annoyed when I come across that. But I guess everyone has to do what makes them comfy, just so they know someone might tune out as a consequence

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  5. My favorite was the first time in years I got a less than glowing comment…. my blog is le slit the wrists boring on even Wednesday mornings! Without pictures. I’m blitzed on Pinot Gris-I made stuffed tomatoes 🍅 I care but I was hoping for some one-sided flame war about how I suck at life (why argue -lucky to pretend I have one) and you’re missing out! On food and shitty words that are boring without pictures -aw!


  6. I think it’s difficult to accept critisism if we ourselves are not sure about something, it’s like somebody named something we try not to see or when it touched us somehow. It’s all connected to self worth… if we feel good about ourselves or about what we do – critisism will not affect us, it will be just another point of view.
    A few days ago somebody told me something about me which was quite unexpected and not really nice and I smiled and said: “that’s strange, i never thought about myself this way, I will think about it” and I really meant it 😄

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