My social media is broken

I feel like when I share things on other platforms they just sit there and die… slowly… on the floor.

I tweet and no birds Twitter back…

Maybe my tags are broken. I dunno. I have an Instagram account, but the lighting in my home seems to be broken because only a few people like my selfies. Those must be broken too.

Everything is broken. How the hell did this happen…

I blame Gary…



47 thoughts on “My social media is broken

  1. Nobody gives a flying flip what I put on Instagram either but I put stuff on there anyway for me. Then I go back and look at it and smile. Because I don’t really care that no one seems to care about the things I care to take pictures of. I believe they’d rather find drama somewhere.
    I look at you Instagram and I enjoy the pictures very much. Sometimes making just one person’s day is really all that mattters.

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