I am reading blogs this morning and I have a thought to pass on. When you are setting up your blog or website and you are picking your template, font, or background please consider one thing before settling on it. Ask yourself this one question…

Is my blog hard to read?

I am staring at a blood red background with tiny black font and I can’t read it…

I gave up, closed their website, and I am writing this post now.

That is what happens when we can’t read your blog. If you can’t honestly tell whether your blog is hard to read find an opinionated friend to look at it.

-Opinionated Man


48 thoughts on “Blogs

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  2. You know, I’ve been kind of worried about that lately. I tend to use a dark background on Blackbird’s Nest because it’s easier for me to read that way. But then recently someone said to me that it hurts their eyes. So I was caught up wondering if it’s them or if everyone thinks my blog is an eyesore and they just never said anything? -.-

    I did stop using colored text a while back for similar reasons, but yeah. Now that I opened the writing blog, I’m constantly staring at it and wondering “Shit, do I really want this black background now? What if it puts people off?” internal panicked flailing

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  4. Well I’m glad its not just Me and what I thought was a pts(d) thing! I’ve given up on a tonne of blogs because I feel like either throwing up or passing out due to the confusion the whole scenario brings. I too, have ventured to the blood red, black font realm. Not cool.

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