Why I post selfies now

For the first year of blogging I did not share my real name or any photos of myself. Because of this people speculated about what I looked like, if I was a real person or several people, and if perhaps I had some deformity that kept me from showing my face. Like I said, all amusing thoughts people… really…

A year into blogging I decided I didn’t care if people knew my real name and I revealed I wasn’t an old white man writing in a young, immature voice. I get that speculation a lot actually and people often think I’m a disgruntled old white man blogger.

I want people to know who is writing the post they read. I want it clear that when I talk about issues from “my point of view” that point of view is from Jason Cushman who has lived such and such a life which you can read at https://aopinionatedman.com/

So no… I don’t post selfies to share my obvious beauty.

I just want people to understand why I write the way I do.

-Opinionated Man

Ahn Soo Jin

Jason Chandler Cushman



28 thoughts on “Why I post selfies now

  1. See, this was only a part of the problem, while some people thought you’re a disgruntled old white man, someone else also thought that you’re just a “cruel teenager” that only posts without words and still gets recognition.
    You really never can satisfy everyone. Yet, most people do understand why you blog the way you do, and that’s just about the way it should be.

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