Free Thought…Free Speech…SIU

I am all for free speech as well. We must give thought to public safety when exercising this right or allowing this right to be expressed around those that want no part in the issue and just want to go about their daily lives. The lines that must be drawn are fine and hard to define… but must be defined to protect people, while still allowing the freedom of expression to everyone on every issue, or none at all. Thank you for the post. -OM
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The Happy Traveler

‘In a column emailed to faculty and staff, SIU President Randy Dunn said universities should be ‘guardians of free speech’ in a time when the country is politically divided and debates rage on over whether inflammatory or polarizing speakers be allowed to give talks on campuses.’   Daily Egyptian

”The best antidote for speech we don’t like, even speech we think is abhorrent, is more speech, not less,’ Dunn said.  ‘Let more voices be heard,’   Daily Egyptian


Indeed, Universities should be guardians of free speech.


Often, we feel compelled to protect and advocate, speech that we agree with.  However, the radical and treasonous speech that our country was founded upon…was not appreciated or protected by England…who we were seeking separation from.

‘On March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry sounded one of the most famous calls to arms in American history.  During a meeting of the Second Virginia Convention at St…

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