Changing Blogging Habits

I started this blog in 2013 and began my quest to connect with as many bloggers as I could. I reconnected with people, but that was never my main focus. Sure I push dialogue and communication through my posts and forum like atmosphere that I host here on HarsH ReaLiTy, the old forum mod in me loves it.

Actually it craves it.

People often ask “what good is connecting with all those people?” I have always given the staple response that I like having a “WordPress Reader” that is a mixture of posts like a magazine or newspaper. That is the easy answer to give and I give it often. It isn’t the full truth though, but you can’t explain “networking” to people that don’t want to listen or understand.

So this post is to all the networkers out there, the grinders that follow this blog because they love the feel of the grind. The people that like numbers, that like to push their platforms and to expand their reach. This post is for you.

I view networking like fishing, particularly since the “net” analogy is easy for simple minds to grasp. I’ve also explained many times on this blog that I have never gone viral, all my posts got viewed because I worked for each view, I was never Freshly Pressed or had help, and I CARE about views and numbers.

I do NOT need to hear why you don’t care about numbers.

Don’t care… over there.

I connected with tons of blogs my first three years here and I now have two sources for connecting and reconnecting with bloggers. I have the active reader and the personal reader, I utilize both today. You have to to broaden the net. The thing about my personal reader is that not all those are active connections, but the work to find them has been done in the past. I did that work for three years and have a head start. For me it is never a question of “where are all the bloggers?” Instead I focus on what group I want to connect with that day.

Social Networking is an active engagement with the community around you.

But what community are you a part of?

There are thousands here on WordPress, if not millions. I don’t prescribe myself to a singular community, I have my own, and I enjoy spreading my posts across the tag board. This enables my site to be seen by a poet that only posts poetry, but might like my Daily Denver Photo. By not focusing on one group at all, I am in essence focusing my blog… just in a general way.

I’ve changed my blogging habits this month and this is a big deal for me. For 4 years I’ve had a set procedure and blogging method daily. Those methods allowed me to mass network and I enjoyed it, I love networking and getting my posts out there. The change in process for me is utilizing my personal reader more and engaging those actively posting “on my side of the fence.” I will admit I’ve been guilty of overlooking those I’ve already connected with. That is the bane to always looking forward. I hope that attitude and outlook changes as this year continues and I already see a difference in the engagement I am receiving daily.

To all the grinders I send you encouragement. No one knows the work you are doing. I do.

-Opinionated Man


40 thoughts on “Changing Blogging Habits

    • I have WordPress on my phone and have always posted whatever I thought was worth posting. Most of the time it doesn’t measure up to other people’s expectations, but my blog is my Twitter, my Facebook, my diary, my page. I treat it as such and post at will! People can unsubscribe if they want and they do daily. πŸ‘πŸ€”πŸ˜„

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  1. Jason, your approach certainly works. You are much better at connecting than I will ever be. I know social networking is important for bloggers and authors, but I have a hard time keeping up with everyone I follow. To be honest, I’d much rather bury my head in whatever book I’m writing.

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  2. I love these posts. They are real and things many of us do but in secret because others don’t understand. Thanks for the reminder there are others out there who get it.

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  3. Not to be rude, Jason, but why do you write so many posts about “Blogging” instead of simply just DOING it: a.k.a writing topical posts about subjects themselves instead of yet another post about your methods of and reasoning behind posting and blogging?
    A blog post about “Blogging” is akin to taking driving lessons as opposed to actually driving. Or reading a “how to” manual verses finally knowing enough to actually be able to perform the task.

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  4. A very powerful post Opinionated Man. Anyone who says they don’t care for views is lying.

    I can’t imagine why would anyone publish anything online if they didn’t want it to be viewed, or at least hope to be viewed. I care for views and I too have connected with a lot of bloggers to achieve so. Agreed my methods to read and publicize so far haven’t been as clutter free as yours but hey, I’m just a beginner.

    I really hope my posts get viewed and my voice heard. and if that makes me an attention seeker, then yes, I probably am.

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