Do You

I had someone try to lecture me once about how I was squandering my platform and wasting it by posting needless bullshit.

I agreed of course.

I have the worst blog.

I should give a fuck about the whales. I should feed everyone in the world. I should save the mermaids. I should pick up all the trash that pollutes the planet. I should fix everyone’s problems.

I’m getting to it.

-Opinionated Man



51 thoughts on “Do You

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  3. I think that if you can confirm the existence of mermaids, you’re two steps ahead already. That trash thing though, did they include trashy people because that’s a bit illegal right now. XP

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  4. Sorta like the folks who bitch about what is on TV. Sure I’d like to see more stuff without boobs and butts but it is up to ME to find outlets that target my viewing tastes. Same with blogs. If a person doesn’t like how you run your blog, they can stop reading it. Your blog is your place to say what you feel. People need to grow up and find something that suits them instead of bitching about things that offend them.

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  5. Well, we could always feed the whales to the starving population and hire the mermaids to pick up trash. There, problems solved, now keep posting needless bullsh**T because I love your blog! πŸ˜‰

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