Guardian Angel

I once saw a guardian angel. She was pushing a cart down the street with everything she owned in it. Her head was down and long was her hair.

I walked up to her and asked where she was going. Why was her view only on the ground below.

She said she had no job to do. No one believed or cared anymore.

She let her head and hair fall to the floor because she was being ignored. And so she was walking as I had found her, until she was needed once more.

I watched as she walked away and felt no dismay.

Before me a guardian angel shone onto the floor and struggled to not be ignored.

-Opinionated Man




22 thoughts on “Guardian Angel

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  3. Her presence in the world is enough to be needed. Too many times we walk idly by those who we want to see as invisible, they are not.

    Many are programmed to heed caution when we see the ‘homeless.’ We’ve no doubt have seen the scam artists in the streets…

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  5. Sometimes, we ignored those whom needed the assistance from us, because we’re just not inclined to care, because we feel helpless over what little differences we could make, to change the world, without realizing, that everything starts small, touching one life first, then, the cycle will roll…

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