Sorry but I don’t

Sorry but I don’t meet people in person. I don’t do private messaging because I am married and my wife would beat me with a spoon. Not a solid spoon either, one of those spoons with holes in it so it goes whooooooshhhh before it hits you.

I don’t email privately unless it is blog related. I also rarely share much about my family… other than obviously my wife may or may not hit me with a wooden spoon if she caught me privately messaging any of you…

-Opinionated Man

Jason Cushman


40 thoughts on “Sorry but I don’t

  1. I can understand not private messaging or non-blog-related email. I only have one or two blogging friends that I would even consider emailing with. But I do find it rather exciting to meet another blogger when I have a chance. If you were ever to come to my area, I would love to meet you and your family – even though I know you don’t do that. Would you feel better if we just arranged to both be at some public site at the same time and managed to wave to each other or something like that? Probably cheaper than dinner anyway.


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