I will watch the movie IT soon! That was the scariest movie when I was a kid. I remember the clown, the balloons, the blood, but also the thrill of the storyline where only you and your childhood friends know what is going on and can stop the evil! That was so cool to me as a kid and is what makes it such a great movie! I hear the new one is great! I might even write a rare movie review.

I am not as hopeful about the Big Trouble in Little China remake (one of my all time favorite classics) with The Rock staring in it. And I like him in some movies.



10 thoughts on “IT

  1. I saw the original/first one and I am all set with the newer one. No offense to anyone as we are all individuals, but the first one was during a time when I was walking the dark side to get away from the even darker side.
    It was scary then and I had nightmares awake and asleep. Enjoy the movie all. On a side note, Hollywood really needs to stop making remakes, especially, of classics. Seriously! The rock also needs to just stop. He had a few good movies like some other actors, but please stop for the love of all classics, just stop the madness. lol


  2. I’m thinking that IT will be shittier than the book was. Movies tend to make good books average, and IT is the only Stephen King book that I have never finished. I was a third of the way through it and I threw the book across the room. I was annoyed that I was wasting my time with it, simply because Stephen King wrote it.

    It’s possible to like someone and the good work that they do, while being honest about some of the craptastic stuff that they might put out from time to time. It is also possible to dislike a person, yet acknowledge the good things that they might do.



  3. I look forward to the review if you do write it. 😁 Stephen King is one of my all time favorite authors. I adore his work — and even he liked the movie adaptation of IT, so I’m guessing it’s pretty damn brilliant.


  4. I read the book a long time ago. It wasn’t one of my favorites. I think this may be one of the few times where I enjoy the movie more than tbe book. I will try to go see it when it comes out.


  5. I haven’t seen IT since I generally like the Stephen King movies that are more mystery and less gore. My husband will be watching it as soon as it is available on VUDU because it will be right up his alley.


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