Why I don’t ask before I reblog

WordPress gives you the option to disable the reblog button.

I don’t reblog for views and I get very few from it. I also disable the comments. I try to send interested readers your way. What actually happens is that I lose subscribers when I reblog because they hate the extra email and the fact they then find out it isn’t even my post.

I still reblog. I always have here on WordPress and probably always will.

It helps share and that’s why most of us are here. That’s why I’m here.



51 thoughts on “Why I don’t ask before I reblog

  1. Reblogging is always welcome. Sometimes it gives a blog the boost it needs to move on to the next step! Honestly, I find it flattering that someone with so many readers takes the time out of their busy schedule to read and share my writing with their writers. I plan to do the same now and (hopefully) when I gain a following. Even if I do not gain a following, the reblog button is there to share something you found interesting with those that are following you. Reblog On Opinionated Man!


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  3. Keep on sharing, friend. I remember when I first started blogging and I had 20 followers. You reblogged one of my posts and I gained 20 followers in just a few days, doubling my following. That when I learned how important sharing and networking is.

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  4. Every time you reblog me I unsubscribe, then re-subscribe just to confuse the hell out of you.

    Seriously, I understand why some people don’t like to be reblogged. You become associated with the reblogger’s site (in their mind) so if you don’t like the other site then you have negative feelings. It’s never happened to me, personally, but I have read people complain about being reblogged for this reason.

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  5. Was someone butthurt over a reblog? I’m trying to understand that logic… i was really thankful you reblogged me, and I think you and your blog are cool. Reblogs lead me to other great sites. However, butthurt will always find a way 🙄😉

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  6. I always feel good if someone like my post enough to reblog it! I am finding that lately folks are not going to the original, even when I close comments and that annoys me and probably the owner of the post What to do…people are getting lazy!

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