One thing I share with bloggers that are interested in networking is to not lose your focus. There will be so many distractions that will come your way and all those distractions will serve the same purpose of taking you away from building. Building is what most of us networkers love so anything that takes us away from that is annoying.

But you can’t just ignore everyone or you won’t build anything that resembles a social network. So you use your time and you help where you can, respond as you can, and you keep building. The main thing to remember is “you won’t get to them all.” And that’s ok!

In the blogosphere there are readers, writers, people that do both, and people that want to do both. There are also bloggers that will get offended if you don’t meet them exactly in the middle and don’t read exactly the same amount of posts of theirs as they have of yours. I don’t play that game. I’m a writer and entertainer, but I also enjoy reading blogs. I don’t set a standard of equality though and I don’t believe I have to. Those that have set such a standard towards me have since found their way… over there. I’m ok with that. That’s blogging.

Motive. I’ve grown wary of one type of blogger though. This type of blogger is extremely friendly when you first meet them. They shine all the praise your way and blow bubbles up your butt. They ask all the questions newbie bloggers ask, all the wrong questions everyone asks, and keep pining away for more info so they can “create a blog like yours!” Once they get traction going they disappear. You end up visiting one day just to see what they are up to and you notice something… your advice is all over there blog! But your name is missing. They’ve taken your ideas and are now selling them as their own. Look they even have an ebook now claiming to have all the blogging secrets!

This presents the worst type of blogger in my book and I’ve seen lots of people like this. People sell my posts all the time. You might trick a few people into buying your stolen ideas that you are passing off as your own, but is that truly the type of blogger you want to be? Have some integrity people. Just blog and be yourself, unless yourself is a thieving butt pirate.




9 thoughts on “Motive

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  2. Anyone who takes someone else’s idea or image is the lowest of lows if they don’t give credit where credit is due. It’s one thing to do something similar, but at least show some respect for the person who inspired you or got you that far!

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  3. I just blog. I write to relieve my inner self of crap. I read because I like to. As for growing my blog I don’t have the patience. More fun interacting.
    I had a guy once that recorded a video of me and set up a website to charge money for men to go in and have a peek . I just laughed it off. Others told on him and the website was shut down.
    As long as I know I wrote it I don’t give a damn. It’s always mine even if stolen. I just feel sorry for them not having the intelligence or creativity to write something themselves.


  4. Such an awesome post, my wife likes to draw, and there are people who have here pics on there pages and in there profile pic calling themselves struggling artists in there profile- who have sent follow requests to me. Seriously what are they thinking or not.

    Thanks for putting up this post:) really nice to have found ur blog today

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