14 thoughts on “Daily

  1. what’s the cryptic !@#$ up to now… 43.5… is an acre, 42 is douglas adam’s meaning of the earth ala hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, 44.1 hmn… it is the sampling rate for compact disc sound being digitized… ack NO!!! he’s not recording himself to spring a broadcast on us??? CRAP oh that’s right! I’m half deaf anyways and short sighted to say the least… i can claim oops missed it! 😀 ahhhhh. 😉 unless of course we’re getting all nostagic and brothers in arms dire straights like about the first all cigitally produced cd ever is on and then like oh yeah I’m half there… I mean i couldn’t lie about being all there… i know you’re just loving hearing that it’s like a gift isn’t it??…

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