I struggle

I struggle with the need. I fight it after the need is addressed… it is a losing battle I have lost. Sometimes it feels like being addicted to addiction. I try to cut myself a break; I try to see myself through the need.

I struggle. Life struggles back. We fight a little bit and then kiss and make up. I fight to let the struggle know I am alive. That I still own my own resolve. The fight back lets me know it is an active struggle. I strive to keep my head above that struggle.

I live. And that is all I can hope to do. I smile at all the smiles I’ve let die. I struggle to remember what those smiles look like.

I struggle and then smile some more.





20 thoughts on “I struggle

  1. Perhaps it is time to get ye some calcium carbide an appropriate amount of vinegar for neutralization a fire extinguisher for general hint’s sake…. and plop a few pellets into water. Wait just s hissing moment and ignite!! (Illegal if not unsafe in most fun situations ). And recreate lake arbor going up. You must choose somewhere else of course. I can not emphasize how delightful it is to light snow on fire too!! Now back to your regularly scheduled struggle 😉

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