Building from the start

After I went self hosted and then unhosted… twice… most of my subscription links were broken and I disappeared from most of the WordPress readers (somehow I stayed on Gary’s). I’ve been rebuilding and revisiting people as I can.

Building from the start is fun and finding new networks is what makes blogging evolve. You can’t stand on one platform, but you can drive as many views as you want towards that platform.

Interaction comes and goes and it really is all about what is important to you. I’m not an author and I’m not selling a book, but if I were I’d make my book my static front page and drive as many views as I could to it. But that’s just me and I’m not just a blogger… I’m a social networker for fun. On the side, I blame my ADHD.

Work has been going ok and I was able to get some sense of reassurance this week. It’s still early though…




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