A Writer’s Life (Mom Wednesdays)

I can relate a lot to this post. We write because we love to and we find the time because we must. 🙂 -OM
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Millennial Mrs. and Mom


I have been writing since I was fifteen years old. I never planned on loving writing so much. In fact, the first book I wrote was because I wanted to see if I could write a book because I thought it was an interesting challenge. That book ended up turning into a book series. I wrote other short stories and novels along the way as well. My writing improved ten fold when I entered college and studied creative and dramatic writing at SCAD. For a while I wasn’t writing for various reasons, and now I am writing every day. I write at least two to three articles a day, while trying to work on a secret project that subscribers know about. All the while trying to get this done before Jak gets home.

Some people may either think three articles a day is nothing, or they might think that writing…

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