A buck 35

I dropped to a buck 35 today. Stress. Most people eat when they have anxiety… I just don’t eat.

I’ve been 150 pounds almost half my life, since I was 16. I’ve struggled with keeping weight on due to crohn’s and stomach issues since I’ve passed 30.

I need to eat more this week or I’ll start to feel sick again.




36 thoughts on “A buck 35

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  2. You gotta wanna eat. What would you wanna eat if you could eat anything at all? Somebody put it right there in front of your mouth? Crap even!

    If you think you have nothing to eat for now, what’s going to happen when your body starts eating you??? Maybe already has. Without your health, you have nothing!

    Opinionated enough for you??!

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  3. I’m sorry to hear about the Crohn’s. I went through a very bad time after a liver transplant because my digestive system was destroyed by a year on heavy antibiotics. I couldn’t digest water. I ended up severely underweight. I studied food -STUDIED- because drs wanted me to take meds for symptoms without fixing the damage. I found a book that became my food Bible, to learn how to turn it around. One of the medical issues it talked about was Crohn’s. It was written by a neurologist originally to find out how to turn around autism which is also affected by the condition of the digestive of the child and also of the mother lacking good bacteria as the baby is born. There are many reasons for autism and this is one of them. This book saved me because of what I learned. If you want, look it up and read about it. I’ve told many people about it. The hard part is most people have no discipline when it comes to what they put down their throat. You have to want to get better yo the point you’ll do whatever it takes. Here’s the name. “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” (also called the gap diet) by Natasha Campbell-McBride MD. It’s a yellow book. The gut is called “the little brain” It controls more than we realize. You need to repair yours. Good luck.

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