Reflecting Souls

Growth from blogging. It does make me wonder what kind of smudge I would be… -OM
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Mah Butt Itches

Inspired by a comment convo with Honest KAlmost a year ago – to the day, I wrote in my Live Journal about Reflecting Souls.  I just re-read the post, and my first reaction was, fuck me, I used to write too long – it was 3k words! The second reaction was I’m really kind of blown away with how much I have learned since.

Call it synchronicity if you’re a Jung fan or a new age-r, call it fate, call it dharma, but there’s plenty of theories out there that coincidence is not a coincidence.  I used to say, “everything happens for a reason”, but I realized that is both a cop out, and it opens the door for me to obsessively find the reason.  Einstein said it best, “God does not play dice with the Universe.” A lot of people misinterpret that: he’s not talking about God…

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